Brickfront is a basic interface for working through Brickset’s API. It should be pretty simple to use, though I do have the code reference if there’s anyhing too difficult.


pip install brickfront

Getting Started

There’s quite basic usage. For most things you don’t need an API key, but for others you may need to get one.

First you need to make a Client object.

>>> import brickfront
>>> client = brickfront.Client(API_KEY)

From there, you can make requests through your client to be able to get different sets.

>>> setList = client.getSets(query='star wars')
>>> len(setList)
>>> build = setList[18]
"Jabba's Palace"
>>> build.setID
>>> build.pieces
>>> build.priceUK

Most code is fully internally documented, so it will autofill and properly interface with Python’s help function.